A contemporary, single-slope gazebo that makes a great screen room.  Especially nice for yards with north or east facing views.  The 3 in 12 slope roof has a generous 4’ front overhang and 2’ side overhangs.  Intermediate mullions for holding screens are optional.


This timber frame radiates a sense of serenity.  It features a Japanese Irimoya roof, combining both hip and gable roof lines.  Under the eaves, four sets of gracefully curved ties meet at central king finials.  Light entering the upper gable provides soft illumination to the ceiling inside.  Understatement and refinement with no need to say more.


In the world of gazebos, hip roof designs are known to provide great shelter from the elements.  This 16’x16’ gazebo is designed specifically for yards and docks where a lower profile is desired.  The 5 in 12 roof rises from an 8’ eave to a 12’-9” peak.   Despite the subtlety, a relaxing visitor will still be wowed by the symmetry of the timber roof overhead!



All is right in the world when you can relax with family and friends in this beautiful 16’x16’ gazebo.  The distinctive double curved arches and carved beam-ends create a rich visual space. Complementing this aesthetic are high angle braces, forged metal straps and beautifully detailed king posts.  The roof has deep 36” gable-end overhangs that provide additional shade on hot summer days. 

The Fellowship

At 24’ across this spectacular six-sided gazebo will be the focal point of your yard and a memorable place for entertaining friends and for gathering with family.  This design is a marvel of timber joinery that draws the eye upwards to the gazebo’s central boss pin and its radiating collar ties.  The hexagonal shape is ideally suited for large groups, multiple furniture arrangements and has ample room for combining seating space with a bar, outdoor kitchen, or hot tub.


The Shire

 This classic “king posted” 16’x16’ outdoor shelter is full of English country charm.  The 9/12 gable roof creates a wonderful interior space, nearly 15’ high.  Two-foot overhangs, supported on the large 8×12 ridge and eaves provides added protection from weather.  This design can easily be made into a screened gazebo or outdoor kitchen!