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FSC – Why it Matters

Cornerstone Timberframes, we underwent a detailed audit to become an FSC “chain-of-custody” certificate holder. ⁠

The audit included an inspection of our yard and facility, review of human resource policies, fair labour practices, safety and training programs, and an examination of our accounting, purchasing and inventory systems. ⁠

FSC is the most credible and impactful organization involved in sustainable forestry, and we are proud to be a certified. ⁠

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Mass Timber- A Durable Choice

Recent developments in wood technology have generated a range of mass timber products that are strong, durable, and fire resistant. The versatility and strength of mass timber products continue to draw the attention of architects and builders throughout North America.

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Mass Timber – A Construction Revolution for 2023

Mass timber will be at the forefront of innovative construction this year. Its strength, durability, and beauty have already captured the attention of architects in Europe, North America and Asia. Its popularity will only grow as more customers ask for sustainable building materials.

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