Mass Timber – A Construction Revolution for 2023

Considering construction trends and consumer interests in 2023, mass timber will be at the forefront of innovative and sustainable construction this year. Its strength, durability, and beauty have already captured the attention of architects and industry leaders in Europe, North America and Asia. Its popularity will only grow as more customers ask for sustainable building materials.

What is Mass Timber?

Mass timber (short for ‘massive timber’) is a building material that joins layers of timber together with glue, dowels, or nails to form a single product. A variety of products fall under this label. For example, cross-laminated timber (CLT) is made by layering timber boards crosswise at 90° angles and gluing them into place. The strength and versatility of these materials allow them to span farther and be used as columns, beams, floors, building envelopes, and demising walls.

On The Rise.

Over the past decade, mass timber has seen extreme growth in demand. In 2015, global mass timber production only reached 500,000 m³. Since then, production has skyrocketed. In 2020, global production reached 2.8 million m³; more than 40% year-on-year growth. Considering these rates, mass timber could account for 0.5% of all new urban buildings by 2050, an impressive feat for a relatively new material.

Why is it So Popular?

Although once considered an emerging building technology, mass timber has quickly gained wider market acceptance. This is due mainly to the urgent need for low-carbon buildings. “Wood sequesters carbon,” reports Kristen Mosier, “removing it from the atmosphere and storing it.”

Mass timber allows architects and designers to reduce their building’s carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.
Mass timber products perfectly combine safety, beauty, affordability, and durability. It’s no wonder why they’re at the forefront of sustainable construction.

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Photo by: Nordic Structures.