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Our Process

Welcome to Cornerstone Timberframes, your quality destination for innovative and sustainable timber designs, attentive customer service, exacting timber joinery, and beautiful finishes that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

"Listen well and ask good questions."

- Wayne Peters

At Cornerstone, we place a high value on hearing you and fully understanding what you want.  Asking good questions allows us to support you with a great design, the perfect aesthetic touches, the best sustainable building ideas and in the end, great value and the experience of being understood and respected.

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When you reach out to us, whether by phone, email or through our website, you can count on us to be back in touch quickly.  Our clients tell us they love that about us – knowing that we’re available when questions arise, that we answer our phone and that we reply to messages and emails promptly.

Quality results begin with getting to know you and making sure that we’re a good fit for what you want to build.  We’ll ask questions to get a “big picture” view: the location where you want to build, the type and style of project you’re envisioning, your preferred timeline, and the overall budget you’re contemplating.  Once we understand the background of what you want, we’ll be ready to discover the design elements that will achieve your timber frame dream.

The possibilities of how timber can be used are nearly limitless.  Our in-house design team has the region’s most experienced and capable designers who will help you uncover the full potential of your project.  We blend backgrounds in architecture, engineering technology, and 3D rendering and share a love of beautiful and versatile timber frames, both old and modern. 

Your design consultation will gather the fine details needed to capture the exact style and shape of your project.  From this conversation, your designer will develop a timber frame concept that will allow you to visualize your design and provide feedback for further refinements. 

“All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Once a timber frame concept is ready, our Sales & Estimating team will prepare a budget for you to consider.  The elegance of providing a budget is that it’s quick, provides a starting point for discussion and can help highlight opportunities for efficiency.  When the budget discussion reaches a satisfactory outcome, you’ll receive a formal proposal to review and sign.

Of course, the full value of a timber frame goes beyond its initial cost or high resale values.  It’s good to remember that timber frames bring visual joy.  They create inviting spaces where people thrive, finding relaxation and a sense of peace.  They are also amongst the most environmentally friendly ways to build, having one of the smallest carbon footprints in the building industry.  And when combined with energy-efficient wall and roof envelopes, they save dollars and bring us closer to the carbon-neutral future we need.

Timber frames are amongst the most durable structures one can build.  The expertise of our design team ensures that your dream home will be a legacy of quality, safety, and beauty.   Detailed approval drawings are prepared for you, your builder and your home designer to review.  When every detail is correct, a professional engineer will review and stamp the finalized shop drawing set.

Your custom design comes alive when Cornerstone’s state-of-the-art joinery shop receives your kiln-dried timbers from the mill.  The talent of our region’s most experienced joinery carpenters combines with the latest computer technology to cut your frame with high precision and advanced joinery that until recently was impossible to achieve.  When you stand inside a finished Cornerstone timber frame this quality is visible in the exceptional fit between timbers and the overall look of refinement.

When the cutting is complete, a series of quality checks are made, and the joinery team concludes their work by test-fitting and labelling your timbers.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

– Xenophon

With all the effort that goes into designing and cutting a quality frame, it makes sense that the last steps in our process maintain our high standard.  Cornerstone was the first timber framer in the Prairies to offer pre-finishing.  In the 15+ years since our knowledge and capabilities have grown along with our commitment to low VOC stains of the highest quality.  Our company owner is also our finishes expert who personally helps our clients make great colour choices.  In our large, custom finishing shop your timbers will be meticulously sanded, stained, rested, and then wrapped for shipping to your site.

The reward of patience and hard work is realized when your timber frame arrives at your building site.  Our professional site crew are experts at assembling our timber frames and will typically arrive with the timbers or shortly following.  With care, they ensure that every piece in your frame goes together correctly and precisely.  Within a short time, your structure will be up, and our installation supervisor will check that every detail is as it should be.  Once we’ve tidied up the site, our part in your building project is complete.

"A good system shortens the road to the goal."

- Orison S. Marden

Mass Timber

A transformation in building design and materials is underway.

For our customers building contemporary-styled homes and cottages, mass timber is a perfect fit.  It allows for a clean, minimalist look with large, open spaces. 

Our Foundation

Trust is earned. A good reputation is built. 

When you get to know someone, you learn what they value, how they listen, their openness to ideas and their commitment to showing up and getting the job done.  At Cornerstone, our foundation of care and attention fuels our daily work.  It keeps us focused on providing you with the finest results and the best experience at every step along the way.

Building from Experience

In timber framing, like much of life, experience is the best teacher. Over the decades we have been honoured to work on hundreds of challenging projects that tested our creative and technical skills. We bring curiosity and a love of learning to our work, practices of the mind that help us provide innovative and robust solutions to our clients.

Building for Tomorrow

We borrow this beautiful, fragile planet from our grandchildren and take responsibility for using what it provides with gratitude and care. Our company’s timber frames sequester carbon from the ¬environment for generations. We’re working towards zero waste production, turning shavings into livestock bedding, wood waste into heat for homes and businesses.

Building Our Community

Our work goes beyond building structures. We provide a progressive, safe workplace with meaningful jobs and good benefits. Our employees volunteer their time coaching youth, providing fire protection services, beautifying our communities, and helping at charitable organizations.

Building Relationships

Over the decades Cornerstone has built deep connections with sawyers, structural engineers, master builders and the design community. When you choose to work with us, you tap into a network of expertise and insight.

Building Dreams

It has been a great honour to share the dreams of our clients. The process of listening, understanding, and breathing dimension into ideas is integral to our success. Bring your ideas and dreams and together we’ll shape spaces with timber into something beautiful.

Let's Start the Conversation

At Cornerstone, our top priority is always to ensure we are a good fit with each and every one of our clients. Book a consult to learn about the Cornerstone advantage today.