Nordic Lam+

Nordic’s LAM+ columns and beams are unlike any other glue-laminated timber.  The laminations (lamella) are small, just 32 x 50mm / 1.25” x 2” which allows production of more widths and shapes.  The black spruce has tightly spaced growth rings which give it exceptional stiffness and dimensional stability.

The consistent wood tone and grain pattern of black spruce also creates a more uniform and visually pleasing appearance with less noticeable glue lines.  The wood is highly receptive to staining and its light tone render colours more accurately than other species.

Widths: 38 to 603mm / 1 ½ to 23 ¾”
Depths: 67 to 2435mm / 2 5/8 to 96”
Strength: 24F-ES/NPG

LAM+ Advantages

  • Small lamellas make more efficient use of the forest resource.
  • Black spruce is harder to bend, shear or compress than any other standardized Canadian wood.
  • Nordic’s forest operations are exemplary, going well beyond what regulations require to protect the forest resource for all species that depend on it.
  • From harvesting to installation, wood is far less polluting and carbon intense than concrete and steel and stores away 765 kgs of CO2 for every cubic meter used.

Nordic LAM+ beams and columns combine with X-LAM walls for rapid builds.

Roof designs in timber maintain a natural warmth not seen with steel or concrete.