Timber Frames

The U.S. Advantage

It might interest you to know that presently, one US dollar is equivalent to 1.37 Canadian dollars. This implies that an individual with US dollars can purchase a $1,000 item in Canada for only $730 USD.

It’s like a year-long store-wide 30% discount that is likely to persist well into the future.

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Big Wood Wall – A New Way to Build

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed energy efficiency by using a widely used concept in commercial construction: the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We then examined some approaches to constructing efficient spaces but encountered three main challenges in the building product and construction spheres. Super-insulated homes often have complex assemblies that are difficult for builders to consistently achieve, many insulations have adverse health and environmental effects, and timelines for planning and building an energy-efficient home are often too long.

The conclusion from that post was that a better way is needed. To have a real impact, this better way must be simple, robust, precise, healthy, fast, and affordable. That’s quite a list! Is it achievable? Let’s find out…

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FSC – Why it Matters

Cornerstone Timberframes, we underwent a detailed audit to become an FSC “chain-of-custody” certificate holder. ⁠

The audit included an inspection of our yard and facility, review of human resource policies, fair labour practices, safety and training programs, and an examination of our accounting, purchasing and inventory systems. ⁠

FSC is the most credible and impactful organization involved in sustainable forestry, and we are proud to be a certified. ⁠

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The Beauty of Timber

Each of us is intimately linked to nature. We cannot exist without it, yet it is surprising that we spend the largest part of our lives inside buildings and away from nature.

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