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Indigenous Peoples Day

This is a day recognizing and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis indigenous peoples of Canada.

We’re a tour group of eight: engineers, foresters, and timber advocates – all with open minds but little exposure to Indigenous life, history and worldview. We spent the morning touring the Weyerhauser LSL plant NE of Kenora.

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Interview with Doug Kehler

Today, we are happy to share a candid interview with Doug Kehler, who is the Finishing Department Manager, Timber Purchaser, and Logistics expert at Cornerstone Timberframes. Doug has been an integral part of our team since 2018, and we cannot wait to introduce you to one of the important people responsible for our successful projects.

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May 11th is National Windmill Day

Windmills are quite possibly the most interesting buildings made by humans. They reflect our human ingenuity and beautifully display our ability to work cooperatively with nature. A curious mix of building and machine, windmills are a showcase of math, engineering, and refined carpentry skills!

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Earthrise 2024

A fresh perspective can be life changing. Fifty-five years ago, this image met the crew of Apollo 8 as they orbited the moon. The astronauts were in awe as they scrambled to find a roll of colour film for Bill Ander’s camera…

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Inside Our Shops

Cornerstone’s roots run deep in the soil of traditional timber framing. From the company’s inception in 1991, the founding Peters brothers maintained a steady focus on technical excellence and quality. Complementing their deep respect for traditional skills and methods, an interest in finding “better tools”, allowed them to see that new materials, digital design and state of the art equipment did not threaten the craft but freed it to be so much more.

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Noise in the Neighborhood

While visiting Germany this spring, I found myself standing at a busy intersection, waiting for the pedestrian signal to change. A large group of motorcycles approached, went past, then accelerated as they cleared the intersection. It took several seconds before I realized why the experience felt so odd… the motorbikes were all whisper quiet.

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“Must See” Timber Connections

Whenever two pieces of timber meet in timber framing, they need to be connected. Carpenters call this connection ‘joinery,’ which involves cutting specific details into two pieces to keep them together. These joinery details are usually hidden from view once the timber frame is assembled.

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US – Canada Free Trade Turns 35

Free trade between the US and Canada will celebrate its 35th anniversary on New Year’s Day, 2024.

In 1982 the US unemployment rate reached 10.8%, the highest level in the entire post-war period. Over 12 million job-seeking Americans were idled. In Canada unemployment reached 13%. There was sharp disagreement about the best course of action to address the underlying economic stagnation. Unions and employment advocates called for higher tariffs and stronger trade barriers as the only effective way to protect jobs.

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