Your Mass Timber Partners

Mass Timber is providing great solutions for sustainable construction. You can go to any of a hundred websites to read about mass timbers’ benefits and wide range of uses. What you might miss in all the adulation is that successful use of mass timber relies on a well-integrated team that includes the mass timber fabricator.

The old ‘design-bid-build’ model too often prevents key knowledge from coming to the table when project-critical decisions are being made. This is especially true when new materials and methods, like mass timber, are being used. Avoidable mistakes are made, budgets and timelines grow.

Cornerstone Timberframes has the expertise and resources to ensure your mass timber project achieves the success and leverages all the benefits that good mass timber design and fabrication can provide.


We are here, local to our client’s construction sites in Manitoba and NW Ontario. If issues ever arise, we can attend a site, help determine a solution, and provide the materials and expertise to get an issue resolved, quickly.


Mass timber goes up fast… if you have an experienced crew. Many will claim to have skilled teams, but they’re blowing smoke. Cornerstone’s dedicated crew of timber installers have raised hundreds of structures, safely and quickly.


Cornerstone has 30+ years of designing, fabricating, finishing, and installing heavy timber structures. We possess a large knowledgebase of proven details and methods. We also have the best people and tools to get the job done right.


We work in a total 3D design environment and operate one of only two Hundegger K2i Robot Drives in western Canada. Our Manitoba shop is an industry leader in capability, speed, and accuracy.


Companies that produce mass timbers vary greatly in capacity, experience, product selection, accessories, design services, technical documentation, engineering, environmental credentials, and post-sale service. By every one of these measures, Nordic Structures is Canada’s top choice for mass timber. They are also our trusted source for CLTs and engineered wood since 2017.


Cornerstone works with architects, structural engineers, steel fabricators, fastener suppliers, sawmills, builders, and trades. When you choose Cornerstone, our network of resources becomes your network.

Why is collaboration the best approach for mass timber?

Simply put, collaboration provides the best outcomes. Owners and architects need to control costs, achieve quality, and improve on timelines. Collaboration does that. It requires more upfront work, and it requires a more open mindset, but it pays off with real benefits for all stakeholders.

Talk with us if you’re interested in a collaborative approach for your next project!

Jake Howe, Commercial Sales