FSC – Why it Matters

Forests are crucial for sustaining life on our planet. They have a significant impact on moderating our climate, purifying our air and water, and providing habitats for numerous plant and animal species. Additionally, they offer us a renewable source of wood, which is a vital material for building and achieving a more sustainable future.

Cornerstone Timberframes builds a wide variety of structures, from screen rooms to homes and cottages, to multi-storey commercial buildings – all from wood. Thriving, productive forests are the foundation of everything we do. If the forests that provide us with our wood are healthy it means good work for our employees and beautiful, sustainable places for us and our clients. If the forests are harmed, and their capacity depleted, then the work and wellbeing of everyone in our company’s ecosystem is also threatened. Moreover, all of us want a future where forests thrive, as one where they don’t would be a scary future that no one wants to experience. This is why we are FSC certified.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a fully democratic organization made up of a diverse group of people with connections to forests around the world. And this is where the FSC is so different from other forest-certifying organizations. Voting members are drawn equally from three groups: those whose homes and livelihoods depend on forests, people and companies economically tied to using forest resources and, individuals and groups that study and seek to sustain the ecological role of forests. Every three years these people gather for a General Assembly to elect a board of directors and vote on a range of proposed initiatives.

The balanced and democratic makeup of FSC ensures that initiatives are rigorous, widely supported, and actionable. The FSC is not beholden to any funder, industry or lobby group and can do what is in the best interests of the forests, and all that depend on them for life and livelihood. The FSC mission: “Ensuring forests for all, forever” is focused on five standards of responsible forestry:

  1. Zero deforestation, which is the conversion of forests to other uses.
  2. Safeguarding ancient and endangered forests.
  3. Fair wages and safe work for those in the forestry and wood products sectors.
  4. Preserving biodiversity.
  5. Supporting community rights, including those of First Nations

Cornerstone Timberframes underwent a detailed audit to become an FSC “chain-of-custody” certificate holder. The audit included an inspection of our yard and facility, a review of human resource policies, fair labour practices, safety and training programs, and an examination of our accounting, purchasing and inventory systems. Maintaining our certification requires ongoing training and careful documentation to ensure that sustainably harvested timber is properly handled and recorded as it flows through our company to our customer projects.

FSC is the most credible and impactful organization involved in sustainable forestry. Specify FSC timber for your next project.