Richardson Kelburn Farms

Richardson Kelburn Farms

Type: Timber Frame

Size: 4000 sq.ft.

Region: Red River Valley, MB

Architect: Neil Cooper Architect Inc.

Completed: 2014

Timber: Douglas fir

  • Richardson’s research and crop development centre at Howden, MB serves as their main campus for staff training, demonstration events and school education programs.
  • Guests arriving on site can quickly recognize the building as a timber frame with columns and beams visible across the front and side elevations of this contemporary design.
  • The octagon shaped foyer is centrally anchored by a Douglas fir log column with beams radiating outward to the foyer walls
  • The large meeting hall roof is supported by sloping timber trusses that extend to the large front overhangs. A long bank of roll-up doors makes the space perfect for summer gatherings that can flow out onto the central plaza.