Away in the Woods

Away in the Woods

Type: Gazebo

Size: 720 sq. ft.

Region: Sandilands North

Completed: 2009

Designer: Cornerstone

Timber: White Pine

  • This delightful three season get-away is tucked into the trees a couple minutes walk from the client’s principal residence.  Woodland views on every side are complemented by a 12’x24’ deck that appears to float above the nearby creek.
  • At 24’ x 30’ the interior provides ample room for gathering with friends and family.  A galley kitchen with bar height island makes entertaining easy and a wood stove allows the space to be comfortably used from spring to late fall.
  • The timber structure achieves a welcoming, lodge-like feel in the fully open floorplan made possible by an impressive king post truss spanning the gazebo’s living area.
  • Eye-pleasing details are a Cornerstone hallmark.  In this design, a subtle curve added to the roof’s eaves may almost escape the notice of a first-time visitor.