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Celebrating 30 Years

Our company is built on 30 years of experience in making strong, beautiful, timber frame homes, cottages, commercial and landscape structures.

In the early years, we worked out of a small barn, unloaded timbers by hand and used a small single-sided shop planer to smooth the wood. In those days we cut a lot of joinery with hand saws and chisels. Despite the hard work, it was a love of craft and passionate clients that kept us learning and improving.

Today, our commitments to our craft are unchanged. Though the methods and tools will continue to evolve, we realize that the heart of what we do remains the same. It is visionary eyes and minds, and sharp chisels that make all the difference.

We are thankful to those who started us on this journey and to you who support and challenge us to be better every day.

30 Years Badge

Building Our Community

Our work goes beyond building structures. We provide a progressive, safe workplace that provides jobs, good benefits and encourages employee growth. Our employees volunteer their time coaching youth, providing fire protection services, beautifying our communities and helping at charitable organizations.


Building for Tomorrow

We borrow this beautiful, fragile planet from our grandchildren and take responsibility for using what it provides with gratitude and care. Our company’s timber frames sequester carbon from the environment for generations. We strive for zero waste production, turning shavings and wood chips into livestock bedding and wood waste into heat for homes and businesses.


Building Relationships

Over the decades Cornerstone has built deep connections with sawyers, structural engineers, master builders and the design community. When you choose to work with us, you tap into a network of expertise and insight.


Building Dreams

It has been a great honour to share the dreams of our clients. The process of listening, understanding, and breathing dimension into ideas is integral to our success. Bring your ideas and dreams and together we’ll shape spaces with timber into something beautiful.


Building from Experience

In timber framing, like much of life, experience is the best teacher. Over the decades we have been honoured to work on hundreds of challenging projects that tested our creative and technical skills. We bring curiosity and a love of learning to our work, practices of the mind that help us provide innovative and robust solutions to our clients.

Timber Frame Construction: The Superior Choice

Well crafted timber homes provide three big advantages: greater energy efficiency, more interior decorating options and outstanding durability.

  2. DECOR

    Conventional construction uses 2”x6” wood studs every 16” in a wall, filling the spaces between these studs with fibreglass insulation. The result, at least on paper, is a wall with an R20 insulation value but at every wall stud, the actual value is just R6. Taken in total a conventionally framed home performs well below its advertised insulation value.

    Timber frame homes separate the wood structure from the insulation, so the timbers seen inside your home provide all the support needed for the roof, walls and floors, allowing the wall and roof spaces to be entirely dedicated to unbroken insulation. Using structural insulated panels a 6” wall is a true R24 and a 10” thick roof is R42.


    Timber homes can be designed to emphasize open areas or to provide intimate spaces and can even include a combination of both styles. Where “bearing walls” once blocked views, you can now have open sightlines between kitchens, dining spaces, living areas and sunrooms. Both designers and customers find the new possibilities wonderfully freeing.

    An added benefit of using natural materials, like wood and stone, are soothing to the senses and create added visual interest. Many customers who first consider a rustic log home find the question of colours and decor to be a pivotal issue when choosing their construction method. Combining timber frame with painted drywall, textured and faux finishes create brighter, richer and more cheerful spaces than can be achieved with log interiors or by drywall alone. Finishes for the timber can range from light and clear to rich and dark.


    Only stone structures have a durability track record that can match timber frame buildings. From the Orient to Europe and North America, well-built timber frame construction has shown that it will endure for centuries where “stick frame” constructions’ lifespan is measured in decades. An often-heard response in North America is, “This may be well and good, but which one of us will be around to know or care in a hundred years?” True enough, but this short-term view is exactly what is causing our landfills to overflow and our worlds’ forests and oceans to be depleted. Build once, build right and know that your home will be enjoyed by others after you. In the time that your house stands new forests can grow and the energy consumed in building it will be renewed several times over.

    Choose timber framing for good stewardship of our world’s resources.

Our Process

At Cornerstone we find happiness in understanding client needs and developing creative and beautiful timber solutions.

Following is a simple outline of our process:


    • By phone, email or face-to-face, we receive the details about your building site, the kind of structure you want to create and the key spaces and features you want.
    • We ask a lot of questions to understand the way you want to use the spaces and your preference for how the spaces will reflect your style, optimize preferred sight lines and enhance your social and personal enjoyment.

    • Our in-house designers will use all of the guidance received to develop a 3D timber frame model for your review and feedback. This service is provided at no cost.
    • With your response to the concept we will make needed adjustments to the concept and provide an estimate for the timber frame, including any additional services or products you may want (staining, tongue and groove ceiling boards, etc.)

    • Once the preliminary design is done, we can assist with preparing detailed construction drawings or put you in touch with an architect or professional designer. We’ll also recommend one or more experienced builders who can provide a comprehensive budget for your project.

    • In coordination with your builder’s schedule we’ll cut your timber frame and arrange shipping to your site for installation.
    • Often within 2-3 days your frame will be standing and your builder can move ahead with completing the roof and wall envelope.

A Custom Approach

At Cornerstone Timberframes, we take a fully customized approach to all that we do. No two clients are alike; therefore no two projects are either. We take the time to get to know you in order to create a structure that will make your heart skip a beat.