The Lakehouse

The Lakehouse

Type: Residential Timber Frame

Size: 6,850 sqft

Region: Lake of the Woods, ON

Architect: Solomon Design Group

Completed: 2018

Designer: Solomon Design Group

Truss: Hammer Beam

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Other: Magnificent exterior canopies and gazebo

Timber: White Pine

  • Stepping up to the front door you know you’re in for a treat as you experience the curving ties and scooped details on beams and rafter-ends in the entry porch!
  • This big timber cottage is a dreamy get-away. The central great room’s three hammer beam trusses carry the vaulted roof from the foyer and kitchen through to the lakeside deck.
  • The lakeside canopy is flanked by a brace supported roof extension at the master bedroom and an 18’x18’ four gabled gazebo that is truly eye-popping to a first-time guest.
  • The timber joy continues throughout a large den, day spa and master bedroom.