Bear Foot Island Cottage

Bear Foot Island Cottage

Type: Residential

Size: 1700 sq.ft.

Region: Lee River, Lac du Bonnet

Completed: 2013

Builder: Timber Ridge Homes

Truss: Queen bent

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Other: Tyrolean frame plan

Timber: White Pine

  • Based off our ‘Lily Pad’ timber frame design, this project is located right on the water with a walk-out basement, flanking sunroom and a link to an angled two door garage
  • In addition to the interior timber frame, this project has a lot of exterior timber elements including ledger and half posts to mimic the interior frame, gable trims and brackets and a post and plate support for the entire water side deck which spans over 70’, and timber frame entry with a king posted double curving tie
  • Features lots of windows water side with one half-round and two circular windows
  • Large overhangs with tongue and groove boards visible from below
  • Interior frame has arcade plates with large curved braces and an open concept living/dining room area with kitchen to the back with full timber above
  • Frame is finished with Sansin ENS UV Clear Optimum