The U.S. Advantage

The US Dollar Advantage 

Let’s talk about foreign currency exchange…sorry, excuse me while I yawn and reach for my mug of coffee

‘Forex’ as insiders call it, is not a topic most people care about or want to spend much time contemplating.  And yet, there are times, like now, when a bit of mental tenacity can really pay off.

Did you know that today, one US dollar is worth 1.37 Canadian dollars?  What that means is that a person with US dollars can buy a $1,000 item in Canada for just $730 USD.  It’s like a 30% off everything in the store event that has been going on for the past year or more and is likely to continue well into the future. 

Honest & Fair – What Everyone Deserves

Cornerstone Timberframes has been supplying our US customers with high quality timber structures for over 20 years.  Over these years our company has maintained a policy of providing US clients with clear pricing based on the current exchange rate.  Transparency and fairness are what all clients expect and what we deliver.  We are glad to quote in both USD and CAD and clients are free to choose either currency for payment.

Banks that facilitate USD to CAD exchanges, typically take a fee for their service, often around 2% for amounts below $5,000 USD and diminishing as the transaction amount increases.  As an added benefit to our US clients, we absorb these fees, so that customers realize the full gain on the exchange rate at the time of their purchase. It’s one more way that we can show our thanks for the trust you place in us.

A Time of Opportunity

A strong US dollar creates ideal conditions for US travelers and shoppers. With affordable international travel and advantageous pricing from reliable, nearby suppliers, now is an excellent time to explore and make major purchases.

Cornerstone Timberframes is a family-run company that prioritizes person to person connections, integrity, hard work, and high quality.  Our customers tell us they love the way we support them, respond promptly to questions, and keep them informed at every step of the process.

While the cost of a timber frame is always a consideration it should never be the sole factor in deciding where to buy.  Look for top quality, great service, and a fair price – when these are found in one product, you’ve found enduring value.  This is our recipe.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with Cornerstone Timberframes, give us a call, or drop us a line.  We’re looking forward to serving you!

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