We apply a three coat interior/exterior finishing system. We use Sansin products to produce a very durable and high quality finish. The finish is certified “green”, being recognized as zero VOC, making it safe for use in both interior and exterior spaces.

We pre-sand all of the timber prior to application of the finish. We then apply a first coat of Sansin tinted SDF. This product is designed to soak into the fibers of the wood and can be tinted to whatever color you desire. We then apply two protective top coats of Sansin ENS UV clear. A light sanding between the final two coats leaves the finish smooth and wipeable. The exterior finish should last from 5-7 years depending on sun exposure.

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When recoating is required, there is no sanding needed. One additional coat is all that needs to be applied and should last another 5-7 years. This makes it a relatively low maintenance exterior finish.