Benefits of Using Timber Frame in a Commercial Space

All other variables being equal, timber framed commercial spaces have a stimulating effect on consumer behavior, as measured by: Number of repeat visits, long term loyalty and more frequent referral of friends and visitors.

An impressive timber structure complemented by stone and other natural materials has a very pleasant effect on the human senses. In the same way that beautiful scenery, well-crafted art or enjoyable music has a positive impact on the mind, a thoughtfully designed space using traditional timber framing has the very same impression. And the result is obvious; “where people feel inspired and at ease are also the very same places where they love to return to again and again.” Perhaps that is why the most highly prized wedding reception hall in our region is a timber frame building and it would also account, in some measure, for the success of the top local restaurant who obviously trade on good food and attentive service but also has the most distinguished ambience in the region.

While the case for using timber frame in food service and meeting spaces is easily supported by the reasons provided above, it also makes good sense in a wider circle of commercial uses. An accountant summed up his decision to build a timber frame office this way, “I wanted my staff and clients to really enjoy coming into this building. We were tired of suspended ceilings, fluorescent lights, bland walls and tiny cubicles. The timber frame reinforces my firm’s reputation as being solid and dependable – in for the long haul. And, my clients really enjoy our one-of-a-kind board room which gets steady use for meetings.”